Can You Count On Your Data?

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Why do we exist?

Our mission is to empower companies to streamline data without writing a single line of code.


Configuration Driven Platform to Manage Data Assets to and on Azure Cloud
CloudBlaze brings 4x performance improvement and over 60% effort saving when migrating to Azure Cloud.
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A Modern, Self-Service Data Platform with Built-In Domain Intelligence to Prepare Your Data for Analytics
DataBlaze eliminates the need to manually write code to prepare data so you can focus on deriving insights.
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What is a Knowledge Graph Enabled Customer 360 Solution? -

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Fraud Analytics
Algorithmic Way to Detect Worker’s Compensation Claims Fraud
Detect, prevent, and manage fraud for the insurance industry through statistical, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques.
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Risk Engineering
Intelligently evaluate and manage property risk
Evaluate and manage catastrophe property risk with great level of accuracy using machine learning and catastrophe modeling customed just for your organization.
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Customer 360
Establish More Meaningful Connections with Your Customers
Customer 360.Next offers a unified customer platform capturing the end-to-end journey of a customer.
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We are Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solutions Provider

Azure Cloud

Azure DevOps

Dynamics 365

Rawcubes is a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solutions provider, focusing on a methodical and systematic approach to using MS products for efficient data management. While our product CloudBlaze fast-tracks your Azure implementation, our consulting and deployment solutions help you leverage other Microsoft products in a more cost-effective and productive manner.
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