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Augmented Data Discovery

While first-generation data tools were exclusively used by data scientists and IT experts, the future lies in data democratization. All kinds of business executives should be able to access data to generate actionable insights that enable better, faster decisions.

Augmented data discovery is a key tool that is empowering next-gen data tools to build this future. In this paper we briefly discuss the evolution of data processing and preparation, and then move into augmented data discovery, the technology powering it, how it benefits businesses, and how DataBlaze is leveraging it to build a game-changing data solution.


What is a Knowledge Graph Enabled Customer 360 Solution?

The 5 ways marketing teams can leverage DataBlaze to derive insights from customers

This is an era where companies are looking to build superlative customer experiences in a way that facilitates long-term brand loyalty. Having a strong data management platform like DataBlaze can provide an integrated view of the customer journey and is key to building this superior experience.

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