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Pipeline Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring – Real Time Analytics


Customer wanted to build data platform and also applications which delivers intelligent real-time site monitoring through the use of IoT functionality, enabling management to have insight on organization assets performance.

Customer also wanted to use the platform for usage to help operations team to provide efficient maintenance and also maintain secured environment at remote sites.

Ideal Solution

DataBlaze was configured to integrate with field devices provided by SCADA and other control systems with variety of wire and wireless sensors.

Utilized the MQTT machine-to-machine protocol for remote and several other locations where a small code footprint is required or network bandwidth is at a premium.

Data driven business outcome required predictive modeling and needed a) Pattern analysis and event prediction b) Equipment failure analysis and prescriptive diagnosis c) Monitoring of equipments.

Desired Outcomes

Built end to end integrated smart remote assets monitoring solution using DataBlaze.

Rawcubes also delivered hardware sensors and gateways in addition to building applications, analytical models and several dashboards.

Delivered dashboards powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning for role based prescriptive analytics