What is data
without intelligence?

Rawcubes Knowledge graphs make it much easier for decision-makers to derive insights from the massive amount of
data at hand.

Enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our knowledge graphs drives easy application of business use cases such as understanding a customer's comprehensive journey, operational efficiency, risk analysis, fraud analysis, and much more.

We work with customers to integrate or define a graphical representation and their hierarchical relationships between different critical business operations & stakeholders.

DataBlaze is building knowledge where data resides to significantly reduce the dependency for business/data subject matter experts.

Where do we help?

Weaving structured and unstructured data into an Enterprise data Fabric

Connecting, harmonizing and governing data in your data lake

Automatically connecting and segmenting data

Eliminating the need to stitch together multiple data tools

Why your business needs
Knowledge Graph powered DataBlaze!
  • Delivers self-service capabilities to automate data platforms.

  • Leverages graph engines to identify and integrate connected data.

  • Supports comprehensive end-to-end data management capabilities.

  • Fast-tracks your Machine Learning projects with rapidly integrated, high-quality data and optimized feature engineering and selection processing.

Features of Knowledge Graph


While ingesting the data assets, DataBlaze builds business nomenclature with a knowledge graph. Unlike the old method of defining relational schemas for business applications, KG defines relationships upfront. DataBlaze has solved a complex process of defining these terms and relationships using Knowledge Graph.


Knowledge graph uses the well-known data modeling language OWL (taxonomy/Ontology) based graph models. These models are then converted to create terms and relationships easily understood by user communities. With flexible graph models and easily understood terms and relationships, users can build analytical models efficiently and accurately.

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