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Our Augmented data discovery process builds on traditional extracting, combining, and transforming data capabilities to provide relevant data right when it is needed.

Machine learning enabled technology simplifies the otherwise time taking data profiling processes, cleaning, modelling, and enriching, making it easier for citizen data scientists to generate actionable insights in real-time.

Your in-house data scientists get to understand trends, patterns, and relationships between data with unprecedented ease while giving the insights required to create strategic, operational, and tactical business plans.

Where do we help?

Data Profiling

Store data cataloged in the right places so all stakeholders can
access data relevant for
them easily.

In-house database

Data is valuable, so is its safety. We help you in building and managing an in-house database, further cutting down costs.

Data Wrangling

Transforming data to answer your questions has never been easier. Manual Data Munging costs analysts over 70% of their time. We automate this task. Saving your time and money.

Data Blending

Combine data from various sources and help analysts with pre-designed data sets. A dramatic decrease in time spent on developing datasets manually.

Why do you need DataBlaze for smart data discovery?

Ask questions and get recommendations using NPL(Natural Language Processing). In-depth, smarter insights.


Misleading or incomplete data can draw you away from the real drivers of your business. Machine learning driven built-in algorithms and predictive models automatically find insights for you. When you have the right questions, you will find the right answers.


Obtain structured and unstructured data from disparate sources. Broaden your view to have all the information you need on one platform. So, business decisions become much more effective for all entities.

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