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Customer 360

Customer 360 view - Solution for service provider for a large Telecom


Customer wanted to create 360-degree view of the customer in a single, end-to-end picture of the customer’s journey and experience.

Customer wanted to capture steps along the journey and also desired to create a holistic view of their customers.

Customer wanted to create predictive analytical models along with reporting dashboards

Ideal Solution

DataBlaze was configured to ingest data in real-time/batch from customer CRM for accounts & customer, Social Media for customer feedback, CRM plugin for email and marketing, campaign data, Point of sale (POS) for billing, Customer Enterprise Systems for financial data.

Integrated technical metadata of these sources with business metadata and built standard data model (SDM). Built consumable data model (CDM) which was consumed by analytical predictive and prescriptive models.

Desired Outcomes

DataBlaze ingested data from various sources and cleansed persisted data was available in standardized. Transformation activities were applied to build as is copy of source (Active copy). Using data discovery, data sets were created and exported via Rest and Excel.

Built following analytical models:
  • Single customer analytical view
  • Brand Analysis
  • Market segment analysis

Built dashboards by Revenue Type, Customer retention and customer lifetime value. Built Churn Trend and Marketing attribution report.