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Enhance your data management capabilities to make smarter business decisions

Rawcubes: Simplifying Digital Transformation

Rawcubes is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois and has development offices in Noida and Singapore. The team is led by its co-founders Mr. Deepak Sondhi, Mr. Khem Chand, Mr. Hardev Sahu, Mr. Rahul Chaudhari and Mr. Dave Angulo.

Rawcubes is a boutique technology firm that has developed products to implement data processing platforms. Rawcubes professionals carry 50 plus years of combined experience on cutting edge technologies to support implementation and ongoing maintenance of our products.

Rawcubes was conceptualized in 2017 after observing a burning need for creating solutions that could prevent data lakes getting turned into swamps. The solution to the problem had become challenging due to the changing pace of the open source landscape.

Rawcubes leveraged advanced automation and data governance techniques to solve this problem and turn data lake swamps into pristine data lakes. Rawcubes has built products around the everchanging open source technologies but has incorporated standard technologies such as Spark and Scala to help build pristine data lakes.

Our product, DataBlaze, has incorporated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to augment data discovery which solves an industry wide challenge of helping data scientist and citizen data scientist efficiently create data sets.

Rawcubes products and solutions are geared at:
Simplifying digital transformation for data management, which in turn enables customers to focus on their business.
Accelerating implementation time of enhancing data assets while significantly reducing implementation cost.
Eliminating human error through automation and data governance.


Mr. Deepak SondhiCo-founder

Mr. Hardev Sahu Co-founder

Mr. Khem Chand Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Rahul ChaudhariPrincipal Architect and DevOps Expert

Mr. Dave Angulo Principal & Enterprise Architect

Rawcubes' Helps Organizations Modernize their Data

The founding members of the team truly believe that proper data insights can solve some of the world’s biggest problems. So, why waste most of our time in preparing it?

“As the co-founder of Rawcubes and a technologist at heart, I had two goals in mind. The first was to create a product that could not only prepare data coming from various sources, but also ensure zero human error. The second was to enable companies to spend more time focusing on their business rather than worrying about the technology they were using to derive insights.”

Co-founder – Mr Deepak Sondhi