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Prepare and Act on Your Data Faster with DataBlaze

AI and ML powered data platform to enhance your decision-making

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DataBlaze is a Complete Data Platform

DataBlaze is an end-to-end data processing platform helping you get the most value out of data, regardless of where it comes from. It has intelligence and automation built into its entire data management capability so you can derive meaningful insights without writing a single line of code.

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Prepare and clean your data faster

Easy interpretation of data

Guided data analysis

Connect to Any Data Source

DataBlaze can connect with over 80 different sources with a simple click of a button.

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Save time in interpreting raw data

DataBlaze’s Augmented Data Discovery feature enables business users to discover data using Natural Language Processing.

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Flexible deployment

Hybrid architecture that can be deployed on-premise as well as different cloud platforms.

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Scale as per your business needs

DataBlaze dynamically publishes data pipelines on to target runtime (EMR, Databricks, External Spark Runtime).

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